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The Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association is a DCLG-appointed Competent Persons Scheme for air-tightness testing.
The Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) is a professional association dedicated to promoting technical excellence and commercial effectiveness in all air tightness testing and air leakage measurement applications. It was formed in 2002 to promote the testing and measurement industry and supports its members by extending market awareness of the technology and the members’ services.

In January 2015, ATTMA became a Competent Persons Scheme for the air tightness testing industry, replacing the BINDT.

ATTMA is a proud organisation with 15 years of history, releasing technical support documents, guidance leaflets and are even responsible for the ATTMA Technical Standards, used not only in English and Welsh Building Regulations, but are used or referenced in over 90 countries.

Technical Information & Guidance

ATTMA is proud to release technical guidancec documents to support the testing industry. Please find below some of our publications

Temporary Sealing Guidance

Technical Information Leaflet – TIL001

Are you ready to test (Dwellings)

Technical Information Leaflet – TIL002

ATTMA Technical Standard L1 *NEW 2016 VERSION*

Technical Test Standard – Dwellings

ATTMA Technical Standard L2 2010 (Current)

Technical Test Standard – Non-Dwellings

Why Choose an ATTMA Member?

All members of ATTMA are independently audited and certified, with a scope covering air tightness testing to the ATTMA Technical Standards (TSL1 &/or TSL2) and BS EN:13829 (2001), demonstrating knowledge and understanding, which enables them to test both commercial and domestic developments in accordance with relevant building regulations.
Reliable. Accurate. Professional. Trusted. Audited. Lodgement.


Individually auditing our members on-site – by visiting every single tester in the scheme, we check not just paperwork, but the entire testing process. We see everything including, but not limited to: Quoting, contracting, testing method, report, calibration, condition of the testing kit, quality control measures, the test reporting process and much more. This gives the end user confidence that, in order to get that ATTMA certificate, the above process has been followed.

Auditing in accordance with ISO 19011 – Our auditors are trained to audit in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO 9001 – promoting a uniform audit no matter who the company are.

Lodgement – Our lodgement system is ever evolving. We have worked with the equipment manufacturers for over a year to implement ATTMA Lodgement – a process of lodging data and allowing a fairer way to fund the scheme as well as the ATTMA uniform certificate which all members produce, making it clear whether or not a test has truly passed.

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The ATTMA Team

Who you can call on for support
The UK Team

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Barry Cope

ATTMA Scheme Manager
Barry has worked in the air tightness testing industry for 9 years and has tested buildings ranging from Passivhaus to hospitals and football stadiums. Barry has been the Scheme Manager at ATTMA since December 2014 and is a qualified lead auditor.
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David Pickavance

Chairman of the ATTMA Board of Directors
David operates as an independent consultant having spent a career developing and managing businesses. David has been part of the air tightness testing industry since before Building Regulations made air tightness testing mandatory
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Candice-Adele Philpot

Operations and Quality Manager
Candice joined the team in October 2016 having spent 9 years with BM TRADA (EXOVA) working within the Air Tightness Testing department for the majority of that time. Candice oversees the quality management of the testers, as well as supporting ongoing operations of the business.
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Tom Jones

Technical Chairman of ATTMA
Tom leads the way with all things technical at ATTMA. Tom has been involved with air testing since before air testing was referenced in the Building Regulations.

ATTMA UK Auditors
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Clive Cox

ATTMA Auditor
Clive is a qualified Lead Auditor (in accordance with ISO 19011) with experience in testing all sizes of buildings.
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Paul Carling

ATTMA Auditor
Paul is a qualified Lead Auditor (in accordance with ISO 19011) with experience in testing all sizes of buildings. Paul is also an air tightness trainer for Level 1 and Level 2 ATTMA approved training courses.

The Spanish Team

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Jesus Menendez

Spanish Contact for ATTMA Espana
Jesus is responsible for providing training and testing equipment into the Spanish market. Based in Northern Spain.
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Aniol Ribot

Spanish Contact for ATTMA Espana
Aniol is responsible for providing training and testing equipment into the Spanish market. Based in Catalonia.

The Australia and New Zealand Team

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Sean Maxwell

Scheme Manager – Australia & New Zealand

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