2016 Testers Scheme Fees

ATTMA has now finalised its 2016 testing fees. These are:

Per Company Fee Tester Fee (each) Audit Fee*
£200 £50 £250

*The audit is required each year for the first two years of membership in the scheme. After this, the audits will be carried out on a ‘risk based approach’. Companies that are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 will have their audit provided by UKAS and will not therefore be required to pay for an audit. ATTMA may audit an ISO 17025 company if UKAS do not audit the company in a given year.

2016 Typical Cost Comparison – Audit Year (Years 1 & 2)

Due to the higher than expected level of membership, we are able to operate the scheme with significantly reduced costs compared with 2015. Here is how we compare with iATS.

Number of testers Dwelling Lodgements per year iATS ATTMA Difference
1 250 £953.00 £937.50 -1.6%
2 500 £1,585.00 £1,425.00 -10.1%
3 500 £1,685.00 £1,475.00 -12.5%
5 1000 £2,660.00 £2,450.00 -7.9%

Data source – iATS spreadsheet V1 taken on 17 November 2015

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