Christmas Charity Lotto 2017 *Updated*


The winner has now been selected as Brian Cunningham from Energy First Services who has chosen Angel Wishes, a local charity to Brian that treats children with cancer-related ilness with treats and days out.

Angel Wishes was set up by Gaye Kerr, who’s twins both passed from rare genetic disorders. Despite having gone through such a devastating ordeal, Gaye decided she wanted to use her personal tragedy to help other parents of children diagnosed with cancer-related conditions. The ATTMA have today donated £333 to the charity. I would love to thank all members and especially those that chose to donate extra funds to the cause. You will really help put smiles on the people who need it most.

For further information, you can view their facebook page and to donate, you can visit their just-giving page.

2017.12 Angel Wishes NI Letter


Once again that time of year has come to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

As many of you will know in 2016 the ATTMA chose not to send out Christmas cards to our members but instead made a donation of £1.50 per member to the UK based charity Macmillan, totalling £222.

We have decided again not to send out cards and donate to a charity instead however we’ll be doing it slightly differently as we want your involvement! As our members your opinion matters to us and so we’re running a ‘lotto’ for the winning member to choose the receiving charity.

Here is the process…
Your company ID from the lodgement system will be your unique lotto number. On Wednesday 20th December we will use a random number generator to provide us with the winning number and get in touch with the member so we can make the donation in time for the festivities to begin.
As a growing scheme the overall donation this year will be £226.50 so please do get thinking. It can be a charity close to your heart, local or otherwise but it must be a UK based, fully registered charity.
We also welcome you to purchase any additional tickets for a greater chance of winning for your chosen charity, at £1.50 which will of course boost the overall donation as we will pass this on too. Please get in touch if you’d like to do so.

Good luck to you all and merry Christmas.