ATTMA Launches Sound Testing Scheme

The ATTMA today (March 12, 2018) launched its Sound Insulation Testing Scheme. The testing scheme has been set up with goals reflective of the member organisations.

  • Our world leading software offers:
    • faster reporting times
    • Drag and drop functionality directly from the memory card for some sound level meters.
    • no chance of data manipulations (lazy testing)
    • ability to look at data to learn see how specifications perform in the real world
    • quality management akin to ISO 17025 accreditation
  • Our unique audit style will see:
    • lodgements in advance, therefore making unannounced site auditing possible and mandatory
    • the same Quality Assurance auditing at your business address as per the air testing scheme
  • Access into the scheme via
    • UKAS / ISO 17025
    • ANC
    • ATTMA / Institute of Acoustics training
    • APEL

The ATTMA is taking pre-applications via its website and is asking companies to test the system in advance of the full scheme launching.