ATTMA & Passivhaus Trust Announce Technical Standard L4

The ATTMA and the Passivhaus Trust are pleased to announce the result of our joint venture, Technical Standard TSL4 – Measuring Air Permeability In Passivhaus & Low Energy Buildings.

The Technical Standard has been more than 6 months in the making, utilising the best minds in both Passivhaus and Air Permeability Testing to create the standard.

ATTMA Scheme Manager Barry Cope emphasises the importance of the standard: “The Technical Standard is long overdue. The air permeability industry has been getting it wrong when measuring Passivhaus projects which, in the worst cases, has lead to the building not being accredited. We hope with the release of this standard, subsequent training courses and approval to test by way of a new quality mark, ATTMA members will be at the forefront of Passivhaus testing”.

The Passivhaus Trust Associate Director Kym Mead added: ” Having the standard in place and knowing that air tightness testers will have been appropriately trained and certified by ATTMA gives assessors confidence in the results of the tests. We are pleased that both the Passivhaus Trust and ATTMA have been able to work together on this and look forward to working together in the future”.

ATTMA will now open its doors to allow an Advanced Prior Experience and Learning route for testers that can demonstrate they have the experience and knowledge of Passivhaus with the training courses being made available late Spring 2018. Members can complete the form to upload evidence of previous tests and volume calculations

The new test standard itself can be downloaded from the ATTMA Shop free of charge.