ATTMA Presents to Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

ATTMA Today, 26 November 2018, were given the exceptional opportunity to present to the Australian Building Codes Board’s Building Codes Committee at the offices of the Department of the Environment and Energy to provide feedback on the collective 16 years of experience ATTMA has in the industry in light of the future changes to the National Construction Code, due in 2019. 

The Australian Building Codes Board Committee, consisting of 9 Governmental representatives from each of the 9 Australian territories, were pleased to hear how ATTMA has overcome hurdles such test standards, practical guidance information, competence, training and more. 

Barry Cope, ATTMA Scheme Manager Comments: “To be given the opportunity to speak to the committee and all its industry representatives to show them both how air tightness is managed in other countries and most importantly how ATTMA is planning to manage the system in Australia was a great privilege. ATTMA has a huge amount to offer Australia and New Zealand, particularly our continuously improving Lodgement software that allows members to store data in return for faster reporting and the ability for the data to be used to set appropriate and reasonable targets for maximum air permeability going forward”. 

The National Construction Code is due to be formally released in March or April 2019 following an initial draft that included air tightness testing as a compliance route. 

ATTMA will be continuing to work and upskill its members before the change is made optional having already had a successful joint ATTMA AIVAA AGM in November. 

ATTMA already has a significant number of members in Australia and New Zealand which can be viewed here: 

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