ATTMA Presents Lodgement to the TightVent TAAC Committee

The ATTMA Trade Association today (3 October 2016) presented the first in a series of presentations focussing on the ATTMA Lodgement system, as well as giving key statistics from the industry. The meeting was attended by 10 members of various European nation counterparts, who also shared their data.

The TightVent Airtightness Associations Committee (TightVent TAAC committee) was launched on September 26, 2012. Its primary goal is to promote reliable testing and reporting procedures.

The scope of Tightvent TAAC includes various aspects:

  • airtightness requirements in the countries involved
  • competent tester schemes in the countries involved
  • applicable standards and guidelines for testing
  • collection of relevant guidance and training documents

For further information, Tightvent TAAC’s website can be accessed by clicking here or by contacting Barry Cope, ATTMA Scheme Manager.


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