ATTMA Quoting Tool

20th January 2016

We are proud to provide ATTMA members with our new quoting tool to help testers become more efficient and standardise the way testers operate in the market.

So what is it?
The ATTMA quoting tool is a method for providing compliant quotes that look professional and provide all of the required details when quoting for projects. Written in Excel, there are hundreds of functions and calculations that happen behind the scenes depending on your selections – for example, companies registered with VAT can select ‘Yes’ and VAT options will appear for each product within your services range. By using a site address based in Scotland, it will input the correct testing standards. You can add your company logo too.

Why has the scheme provided this?
As part of our ongoing audits of companies, we recognised that smaller companies often do not have the time or resources to include the information as required by the national occupational standards. Companies also informed us that they were not always getting a fair representation in the marketplace. This tool will help the balance.

Is it mandatory?
No. It is not mandatory to use the tool. You must however, be providing quotations that comply with NOS ASTATT8 P9 (incorporating 9.1 to 9.8). This will be checked as part of your annual audit.

How do I use it?
The tool is very simple to use. Ensure you select ‘read only’ when opening, you fill in the information for yourself, the client you will work for, your fees and parameters and any additional services you wish to add. You copy and paste your company logo into the Logo section and that is it! Simply save the quote page as a PDF (Click ‘File’, ‘Save As’, and choose ‘PDF’ from the list of file types). and then send it to the client.

For those of you that know me by know, I’m always keen to get feedback so we can make constant improvements. If you have an idea, or wish for something to be changed, please let me know and I am happy to implement if appropriate.

Exclusively for ATTMA
This tool is available exclusively for ATTMA members only. The tool must be re-downloaded every 3 months or it will no longer provide the quotation.

Where do I find the ATTMA Quoting Tool?
The tool can be downloaded from your ATTMA Lodgement website, under the ‘Scheme Administration’ tab, in the ‘Support Documents’ section.

I hope you enjoy.

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