ATTMA Registration Scheme for Air Tightness Testing Firms

A Competence Based Scheme recognised and supported by LABC, NHBC, HBF, BINDT and Authorised by DCLG

An ATTMA Bulletin will be issued shortly which sets out:

• Current position

• Purpose of a new registration scheme

• Aims of a new registration scheme

• A brief outline of the new registration scheme

• Third Party Assessment Body for the scheme operator

• Governance and process

• Scheme Manager

• Governing Committee

• Method of Entry and Transition Arrangements

• Questions about the transition

• Lodgement

• Fees

• Rebates

• Certification of Individual Air Tightness Testers

• Levels of Tester Competence and Routes to Entry

• Member Audit process

• Other sections of the scheme documentation

• FAQs

• “Opt-in” Provisional Registration Form (ATTMA Scheme – Provisional Registration Form 20’10’14)


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