ATTMA Speak at AIRAH Building Physics Conference

ATTMA was delighted to have spoken at the AIRAH Building Physics Conference on the 23rd November 2018. 

ATTMA was able to highlight the work it is doing in Australia to members of AIRAH, some of the brightest building physicians in the country, demonstrating the power of its Lodgement system and how it can and has been used to demonstrate the positives of air tightness testing.

ATTMA Scheme Manager Barry Cope commented: “It was a very well attended conference. ATTMA were also pleased to be able to be involved with the live air tightness test demonstrations from Sean Maxwell of AIVAA & Pro-Clima. The experience we have with carrying out testing allowed us to comment on how testing is carried out in other countries and to make clear that Australia and New Zealand are very much on the right path by using Method A of EN 13829 to testing buildings as they are used which is much more reflective of real world energy usage”. 

The conference was held at the University of Wollongong who were equally pleased to discuss future research projects with ATTMA.  

ATTMA were in Australia to promote air tightness testing to the wider industry and local government. Australian members can be viewed at: