ATTMA to Talk at AIVC Conference 2017

The ATTMA are delighted to be speaking at the 38th Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre Conference in Nottingham on the 13th/14th of September 2017.

Barry Cope will speak in Session 2 – Field Measurements and Building Airtightness Performance in the Royal Suite on Wednesday 13 September 2017.

Conference Scope

The need to reduce the energy demand of buildings is reflected in the legislation and policies of many countries. However, there is increasing concern about their adverse effects on occupant health and comfort in low energy buildings. These issues are being considered by some international energy conservation policy initiatives for buildings that seek to simultaneously reduce energy demand and provide acceptable indoor environment quality.

The minimisation of health risks and preservation of thermal comfort require the careful design and implementation of ventilation strategies and systems. There are many factors that must be addressed to achieve this goal, such as limiting occupant exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution sources, determining metrics capable of assessing indoor air quality, identifying factors causing overheating, and increasing envelope and ductwork airtightness.

It is this context that defines the core theme of the joint 38th AIVC, 6th TightVent and 4th venticool Conference as “Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings”. It will place its focus on:

    • thermal comfort and ventilative cooling (the application of ventilation to cool indoor spaces and reduce overheating risk in buildings);
    • air infiltration through cracks in the building envelope and ductwork;
    • the relationships between ventilation, indoor air quality and health.

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