Australia Building Codes Update

The ATTMA is pleased to read that the Australian Building Codes Board has today released its 2019 public comment draft, which includes for the first time mandatory air tightness testing in some climate zones for both dwellings and non-dwellings!

The ATTMA has been working behind the scenes to demonstrate current average test results in Australia to the Australian Building Codes Board through its lodgement system and its fast growing membership. This has allowed the ABCB to decide on achievable targets for air tightness.

Sean Maxwell, who has been working on the ground in Australia on behalf of the ATTMA is extremely pleased. Mr Maxwell comments: “This will help Australia build healthier, more durable, more efficient buildings”

The ATTMA will review the documents in detail before responding to the public draft, encouraging more testing which will reduce Co2 emissions and ensure a better quality of build.