All members of ATTMA are independently audited and certified, with a scope covering air tightness testing to the ATTMA Technical Standards (TSL1 &/or TSL2) and BS EN:13829 (2001), demonstrating knowledge and understanding, which enables them to test both commercial and domestic developments in accordance with relevant building regulations.

The List of Members is shown below:

EA Calculator Only Authorised to carry out Envelope Area and Volume calculations but is not authorised to test
Level 1 Air tightness tester able to test dwellings and non-dwellings up to 4000m³ gross envelope volume, tested as a single entity with a single blower door fan.
Level 2 Air tightness tester able to test both Level 1 and large buildings up to 80,000m2 external envelope area and/or up to 15 storeys tall. Level 2 testers are able to test buildings defined in Level 1. NOTE – All Level 2 testers are required to have at least one candidate that has the ‘+EA’ level.
Level 3 Testers who have been assessed for a higher level of expertise can test Large, Complicated and High Rise (LCHR), phased and zonal hand-over buildings. Level 3 testers are able to test buildings as defined in Level 1 and 2.
Suspended Testers who have been temporarily removed from the scheme for failure to comply with the scheme rules or companies that have failed to pay the scheme fees. These companies are NOT authorised to test under the ATTMA scheme.
+EA Testers with +EA are competent to carry out envelope area calculations to Level 2 / 3 on behalf of their business. Companies cannot operate at Level 2 or 3 without either an EA Calculator or an engineer with +EA attached to their status.
Provisional Member (International Only) Provisional Members are members that have been desktop audited but have not been physically audited. This only applies to international members where audits cannot always be completed immediately.
Eng CompanyHead Office LocationEngineer NameATTMA NumberStatusCountry
3ARKVictoriaRatko Mrkogaca4013Level 2Australia
3ARKVictoriaAsh Mogensen4011Level 2Australia
AESGDubaiScott Coombes3005Level 2 + EAUAE
AESGDubaiMartin Williamson3006Level 2 + EAUAE
AESGDubaiMichael Boyle3007Level 2 + EAUAE
Air Leakage Measurement AustraliaCanberraAndrew Champness4022Level 1Australia
Air Tightness Testing Services Australia P/LBrisbaneJohn Barrett4012Level 1Australia
Alpin LimitedAbu DhabiRami Ghanem3008Application Received - Awaiting AuditUAE
Alpin LimitedAbu DhabiValeriano Bernardo3009Application Received - Awaiting AuditUAE
ArupSydneyHan Zhang4021Level 2Australia
BEO LtdArrowtownDenise Martin4025Level 1New Zealand
Blower Door ServicesLugarnoPeter Shea4010Level 1Australia
CETECVictoriaBen Lindsay4016Level 1Australia
CETECVictoriaAdam Garrys4017Level 1Australia
CETECVictoriaAndrew Bellamy4018Level 1Australia
CETECVictoriaBrooke Maetam4019Level 1Australia
CETECVictoriaJosiah Padget4020Level 1Australia
CSR Building ProductsSydneyJesse Clarke4014Level 1Australia
Detail GreenVictoriaLuc Plowman4030Level 1Australia
Efficiency MatrixVictoriaJohn Konstantakopoulos4002Level 2Australia
Efficiency MatrixVictoriaJoseph Cheung4003Level 2Australia
EMSS LtdSydneyMatthew Stephenson1353Level 1Australia
Energy Achitecture NZ LtdWellingtonGuy Shaw4029Level 1New Zealand
Green Building Solutions International LtdDubaiWilliam Whistler3004Level 2 + EAUAE
GST Building Energy Efficiency ServicesDubaiNarayan Banerjee1227Level 1UAE
GST Building Energy Efficiency ServicesDubaiAnoop Ramanezhuth1228Level 2 + EAUAE
GST Building Energy Efficiency ServicesDubaiPrasanth Prasad1339Level 1UAE
GST Building Energy Efficiency ServicesDubaiAsarudeen N1340Level 1UAE
GST Building Energy Efficiency ServicesDubaiRamzan Ashar Suhra Beevi1342Level 1UAE
GST Building Energy Efficiency ServicesDubaiJasbeer Jabar1516Level 1UAE
LAROS TechnologiesCanberraAndreas Luzzi4026Level 1Australia
LAROS TechnologiesCanberraAlistair McGrath-Kerr4027Level 1Australia
LAROS TechnologiesCanberraJames de Salis4028Level 1Australia
Passive House Construction & ProductsTasmaniaJustin O'Connor4023Level 1Australia
Pro ClimaGosfordSean Maxwell4001Level 2Australia
Salimus ConsultancyDubaiVladimir Limin3001Level 1UAE
Salimus ConsultancyDubaiHisham Rashrash3002Level 1UAE
Salimus ConsultancyDubaiAber Alvi3003Level 1UAE
Sustainability HouseEdwardstownJoshua Mollison4004Level 1Australia
Sustainability HouseEdwardstownMark Brigden4005Level 1Australia
Sustainability HouseEdwardstownMark Clayton4006Level 1Australia
Vining Air P/LMelbourneNeil Vining4007Level 2Australia
Vining Air P/LMelbourneBen Vining4008Level 2Australia
Vining Air P/LMelbourneDaniel O'Malley4009Level 2Australia
Vipac Engineers & ScientistsVictoriaGreg King4031Level 2 + EAAustralia
Vipac Engineers & ScientistsVictoriaJared Carnie4033Level 2Australia
Vipac Engineers & ScientistsVictoriaTim Roffey4032Level 2Australia

Any queries regarding current membership status should be directed to Barry Cope (ATTMA Scheme Manager) to