New ATTMA Logos – Company and Tester

ATTMA will shortly release updated footer certification logos to all members which are linked directly to the ATTMA Lodgement database. ATTMA will be providing members with code rather than an image which will automatically update the user status depending on the settings on Lodgement. These logos will replace the use of the standard ATTMA logo in the near future to verify that testers are ATTMA certified. ATTMA has learned from lessons of the past with these smart logos. The logos cannot be used as standard images and cannot be used by another tester as they are all uniquely named and controlled from the Lodgement system.

The logos will also link directly to a special company area on the Lodgement system so that membership can be verified.

If you are planning on sign writing any vans or ordering new stationary, please hold off for now until we issue the update.